Speed and Performance Test of Jio Giga Fiber

The Jio Giga Fiber broadband services promise high speed internet services. The credit for this goes to the fiber connectivity that will reach the homes of all those people who will register online to avail Jio Gigafiber broadband. The reason why people are flocking in large numbers to register for Jio FTTH is the high internet speed that it claims to offer. The Jio Gigafiber speed tests conducted until now have assured the consumers that what Jio Giga Fiber preaches, it practices as well.

Jio Gigafiber Download Speed

If you are planning to register for Jio Gigafiber, then go ahead as with this fiber connection, you will get a download speed of 1Gbps. You can download anything at any point of time at speed of 1 giga bits per second unlike the case with the copper wires internet connection where higher prices are charged for much lower internet speed.

Jio Fiber Speed in Delhi

Plan PriceDataValidityDownload Speed
₹500300GB30 Days50 Mbps
₹750450GB30 Days50 Mbps
₹999600GB30 Days100 Mbps
₹1299750 GB30 Days100 Mbps
₹1500900 GB30 Days100 Mbps

Gigafiber Upload Speed

Not only the download speed will be high, but the upload speed will also make your work easier and save you from the perils of slow internet. Jio Gigafiber connectivity will give you an upload speed of 100 Mbps. Indeed a great internet speed at reasonable rates by Jio Fiber. In a scenario where mobile companies are looking for their benefits from the internet users’ hard earned money, here is Reliance Jio coming up with a fiber connection which will reach even the last building in the society.

Therefore, Jio Giga fiber seems very promising and will surely be a ray of light for people juggling with their slow internet connections.

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