Free Fire Max Redeem Codes for Exclusive Rewards

Latest Garena Free Fire Max Redeem Codes – How to find Working Codes & Free Fire Max Coupons for Exclusive Rewards such as Skins, Diamonds, etc.

Free Fire Max game has been made available for pre-registration. Android users can pre-register for the game by visiting Google Play Store. Game developer Garena has revealed information about milestone rewards ranging from pre-registration of the game. Free Fire Max will be an enhanced version of the Free Fire game. It will provide excellent graphics and sound experience to the players.

Where to Redeem your Free Fire Max Rewards? How to check and view the list of all rewards?

Also, it can be played by crossing with the standard game of free fire i.e. players from both games will be able to play matches with each other. Not only that, but players will also get to play some new maps in the new game. The game can be played on mid-range and premium range phones.

Redeem Free Fire Max reward codes for Skins, Diamonds

Garena is yet to set up a dedicated site to redeem the reward for the game. As soon as the game is officially launched, the Reward Redeployment site will be up along with the free fire unlimited diamonds reward.

On the other hand, players will be able to redeem the Free Fire Max rewards they receive. For more information about redeeming, players can be taken to the official FAQ page of the Free Fire Max. The players will get the rewards given below if pre-registration is done for Free Fire Max:

  • With 5 million pre-registrations, Max Raychaser (Bottom) will be available as a reward.
  • On completion of 10 million pre-registrations, Gold Royale Voucher (2) will be available.
  • On completion of 15 million pre-registrations, Max Raychaser (Facepaint).
  • 20 million pre-registration Cyber Max Skyboard will be received as a reward.
  • 30 million pre-registration will get you a Max Raychaser (Head).

Free Fire Max Invitation Reward

Garena Developers are also giving players a chance to win rewards for free. For this, players will only have to invite their friends for free fire max. Players can win rewards by inviting their friends to this game as well.

  • You will get Max Raychaser (Shoes) when a single user is invited.
  • Max Raychaser (Mask) will be awarded when two users are invited.
  • Upon inviting the three users, you will get Max Raychaser (Top).
  • Users will get a Cyber Max Loot box when they invite at least four users.
  • A Diamond Royale Voucher (10) will be added upon successfully inviting the 5 users.

How to send an invite for free rewards in Free Fire Max Game?

Your invite sent will be valid only if your friends complete the pre-registration process through the link you send. Also note that after the game is released, players will be able to redeem the rewards on the redemption page of Free Fire Max and click on the redeem button.

Players can invite their friends by following a few steps. Let us know the easy way to invite friends to Free Fire Max Mobile Game.

  1. First, the player has to open the game and then click on the calendar icon.
  2. You will then have to go to the News tab and click the Go To button, which will appear in the FF MAX Pre-Register section.
  3. Now the new interface will appear on the screen in front of you. You have to scroll down to invite friends.
  4. Here you will find the Invite Now button on which you have to click.
  5. You will see a dialogue box in front of you that contains a link to invites.
  6. You have to share this link with your friends.
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