Can I download YouTube videos as .mp3 with GenyouTube?

Yes, you can download YouTube videos as .mp3 with GenyouTube. You can also convert the videos to other formats, such as .mp4, .avi, and .wmv. The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

However, you can download video and audio from youtube for free as well. Given below are the steps to download through GenYouTube:

  • To begin, you must locate the video you wish to obtain on YouTube.
  • Then, you need to copy the URL of the video. After that, you’ll need to paste the URL into the GenyouTube converter.
  • Finally, you need to choose the format that you want to convert the video into and click on the “Convert” button. That’s it!

The conversion process will start and you will be able to download the converted video within a few minutes.

GenyouTube is a free tool that converts YouTube videos to various file types. It is very easy to use and it doesn’t require any registration.

It is also a safe and reliable converter that doesn’t put your computer at risk. So, if you want to download YouTube videos as .mp3, then GenyouTube is the best converter for you!

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