Hoga Toga Material Notification Shade – Material Shade Pro Apk App Download for Android

Hoga Toga the famous technology portal has tons of amazing apps to offer to its users and viewers. Another application that provides amazing features to its users is material notification shade. This application will let you put photos of yourself or anyone who you love or admire on the notification panel of your android phone. The material notification app lets you set your photo on the notification panel. Where is the information for how to set notification panel or notification panel set your photo? You can download the app on your android and iOS device from the below-given download links.

HogaToga Material Notification Shade

Material notification shade application by Hoga toga is a perfect replacement for your stock notification panel as it provides tons of brilliant features for your android smartphone. Using this application you can set any photo of your choice to your notification backdrop panel and give it an amazing look. Also, the application uses Gesture detection so that you get a custom quick settings menu whenever you swipe down to reveal all the notifications. Make your smartphone stand out in your friends by using the amazing features to customize your notification panel using this Hoga Toga App for notification bar.

The notification panel in our smartphones has a very old style and simple look. So to enhance the customization of your Notification panel you can set any picture on the notification bar. So set picture or image on your phone notification bar panel by downloading the app which we have provided below.

Material Notification Shade Pro Apk

The application provided by Hoga toga is named as material notification shade. According to some sources, there is also a pro version in the app, that can be purchased by the users for various pro version features. Well apart from this the application is totally free and you can change the notification panel image according to you. So just click on the below-given download button to do the Material notification shade Apk Download for free.

About App

Name of Application Details
Application Name Material Notification Shade
Size 3.2 Mb
Update Available Yes
Requirements Android 5.0+ version
Developer Treydev Inc
Features Add photos on the notification panel of your phone.

How to Download Material Notification Shade App

Downloading the application for material shade notification is really easy. Check out the following steps that we have provided so that you can download the app on your android smartphone.

  • The application is available on the Google play store so you can search for the application by searching ‘Material Notification Shade’ on the Google Playstore.
  • Now tap on the install button and download the app on your mobile phone.
  • For the application to get installed and you can use the application.
  • You can also download the app directly from the above-given download button.

How to use Material Notification Shade app on your phone?

The app can be used on android smartphones prior to downloading the app on your device. Apart from this, we will have to follow a set of steps so that you can use the application on your phone. Check out these easy to use steps.

  1. Open the settings on your mobile.
  2. From here click on MNS settings.
  3. Now enable the MNS settings option.
  4. Allow all the permissions so that the app can work correctly.
  5. Now click on done.
  6. Now scroll down below and click on custom background image and tap on Select.
  7. After this tap on Photos or gallery and choose the photo which you want to set as a notification panel image.
  8. After selecting the image you can crop and set the image by clicking on done.
  9. Now that image has been set on the notification panel which you can check by sliding the notification bar below.
  10. You can also add a name by scrolling down below and clicking on custom carrier name, add the name of your choice.
  11. You can also change the background color of icons by clicking on the shade background color.


There are many features of this wonderful app that you will get while using the app. Here’s the list of some features.

  • Change Background color.
  • Stock themes
  • Change Notification background color.
  • Active tile color.
  • Powerful notifications
  • Text color.
  • Auto bundled
  • Brightness slider color.
  • Dim behind color.
  • Set background image in notification.
  • Dynamic color Notifications.
  • Full color customization
  • Blur behind.
  • Transparent notifications.
  • Grid Columns.
  • Notification card themes
  • Grid Rows.
  • A number of header tiles.
  • Circular battery indicator.
  • Quick settings panel
  • Show the power menu button and also so many features available.
  • Root is optional

Disclaimer: All the information above has been taken from HogaToga.com – The official website of the material notification app. We do not claim to be the original website for the application. Hence we do not take any responsibility for the information provided above, Viewers are responsible themselves for their own actions.