Jio Broadband in Faridabad

Let’s make India stand out in the world market for having the best broadband services. The residents of Faridabad can also do their bit in this task by pre–registering themselves for Jio Gigafiber from the 15th of August. You are just one step away for availing the best internet broadband services. So, Faridabad go and register now!

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Best Jio Broadband Plans in Faridabad

  1. Rs.849 with 600 GB/month
  2. Rs.649 with 5 GB/Day
  3. Rs.1,399 with 850 GB/Month
  4. Rs.2,949 with 100 Mbps Speed & 1650 GB/Month
  5. Rs.3,750 with 200 Mbps Speed & 1950 GB/Month

Volume Based Jio Broadband plans in Faridabad

The Following all plans are the Jio Giga Giga Fiber Volume Based Plans. These Plans are the Unlimited Speed Plans with a Daily Limit. All the Plans are comes with the 30 days of Validity.

Price Daily Data Limit
Rs.649 5 GB
Rs.1,149 10 GB
Rs.2,049 20 GB
Rs.2,950 30 GB
Rs.4,150 50 GB

Speed Based Jio Broadband Plans in Faridabad

The Following plans are Jio Giga Giga Fiber Speed Based Plans. These Plans are Limited Speed Plans with Daily Data Usage Limit. All the Plans comes with the 30 days of Validity.

Price Speed Monthly Limit
Rs.849 15 Mbps 600 GB
Rs.1,399 30 Mbps 850 GB
Rs.2,349 50 Mbps 1300 GB
Rs.2,949 100 Mbps 1650 GB
Rs.3,750 200 Mbps 1950 GB
Rs.4,950 300 Mbps 2250 GB

Jio Broadband customer care number Faridabad

If you want to get the Jio Giga Fiber toll free services, then you must know about these customer care numbers in advance.

  1. Jio Broadband Toll Free Number 1860-893-3333
  2. Customer care number for JIO users 199/198.
  3. For Jio Fiber Customers 1800-896-9999.
  4. For Jio Corporate customers 1800-889-9333
  5. For any online shopping related assistance, 1800-893-3399
  6. To get jio fibers 1800 103 8877 timings(9.30-21.30)

You can contact through email id:

Online registration in Faridabad And NCR Region and other states can be done via MyJio and in order to avail Jio Giga Fiber in Faridabad.

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